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Accueil About Sarmance Brand Values

Sarmance is committed to protecting people and the environment better, and its range of organic cosmetics reflect this. By focusing on both effective formulas and ethical business conduct, Sarmance seeks to:

  • implement and promote an environmentally friendly approach,
  • guarantee the quality and traceability of raw materials,
  • develop products which meet and even go beyond Ecocert organic certification requirements (30% organic ingredients),
  • communicate in a comprehensive and transparent manner about all its products and brand activities,
  • use recycled and non-polluting recyclable materials to limit environmental impact,
  • foster links with the local business community by developing partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors in the Loire Valley region.
3-cosmebioAll Sarmance products are certified by Ecocert (independent French certification body) and carry the following guarantees:


  • OGM-free
  • Made without petrochemical products
  • Made without colourings or synthetic fragrances
  • Paraben-free and phenoxyethanol-free
  • Not tested on animals

Logo-Triman Our packaging/products can be subject to waste sorting instructions.