The Millésime massage, for a sensory escape amidst vineyards

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The Sarmance massage offers more than a mere taste of wellness – it opens the door on a world of utter pleasure. The person being massaged enters a wonderful state of physical relaxation, enhanced by a deep sense of connection between their inner and outer self.

They enjoy subtle, floral aromas released by the oily macerate made from Melon de Bourgogne grapes whose dominant aromatic notes are bergamot and jasmine.

An ultra-relaxing technique employing a combination of fluid, enveloping movements, such as light caresses and sliding pressure, helps the person to unwind during this escape to the banks of the Loire. Kneading movements and muscle stretches help restore energy for a renewed sense of harmony and boost blood and lymphatic circulation.

The massage begins and ends with a gentle sensation created by the application of warm pouches filled with grape seeds (a signature of Sarmance treatments).

Comforting back and forth movements create a relaxing, rocking sensation, soothing the body and mind in preparation for a sensory escape amidst vineyards.

After the massage, the person feels calmed with a new lightness of being and serenity.


For a full body treatment, Sarmance suggests the Millésime Escape treatment including a 30-minute body scrub and a one-hour Millésime massage.

It is also possible to offer a 30-minute personalised Millésime massage in which movements are tailored to the client’s needs.


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